Screws n' Farts n' Balls. Oh, my!

May 3, 2012

Whether it be through Twitter or just passing thoughts in my own warped brain, I finally put to (virtual) paper some slogans for some popular brands. Let's just say that if I was in charge, marketing would be A LOT more entertaining...

He says it in the latest commercial, but it doesn't quite make it to slogan status. Pity.

It would be the ONLY airline that I would fly. Ahem.

Whomever smelled it, dealt it. And whomever named a cell phone network WIND is a dumbass.

Well... duh.

Yes, please. Although I've found they are NEVER there when I need some assistance.

I'm sure it has some good qualities... right?

It's my kind of drink!

And just for good measure, I thought I'd throw in one that actually IS on a billboard in L.A., 
proving that there is someone out there in marketing with my sense of humor :)


Also, a BIG congrats to last week's winners. 

Leigh Ann (Genie in a Blog) won the signed copy of Unmarketing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

And also to Brandon and Suniverse who tied for winning the Platypus contest. I based this win by the 2 people that were able to guess the (apparently) 2 most difficult characters - ZoolanderPus and PriscillaPus.

Brandon requested a MormonPus (I should've known ;) and Suniverse got her very own platypus portrait,
complete with a custom made David Beckham vibrator.


  1. The blowpop slogan would have been fantastic if I knew this in high school. I can name 10 girls from my HS that always had a blowpop in their mouth.


  1. Leigh Ann said...:

    Yay! Can't wait to read it. With a bottle of Smirnoff vanilla.

  1. Heather Lucas said...:

    Haha *runs off to book an Aer Lingus flight*

  1. LOL I love the blow pop and the home depot slogans! :) That platypus contest was too fun by the way.

  1. Zombie said...:

    That guy in the Vodka add doesnt seem too stiff. lol.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:


    Thanks :) I thought it was fun too!

    @Leigh Ann


  1. angel shrout said...:

    WE don't have a Home Depot near me, just a Lowe's but I can tell you there are some helpers there I would absolutely let screw me ahem... Once ya master the blow pops ya have to move on to the Rocket popsicles..ahem.

  1. Fox in the City said...:

    Hahahaha, I love the Dyson one because a) either the marketing execs for Dyson are in on the joke or b) because the marketing execs fro Dyson are complete morons!

  1. I'll take some of Smirnoff please!

  1. Well helloooo Dave!!! :)

  1. Leighannn said...:

    I love your work so much! And that airline.

  1. Lucy said...:

    Ads that are enjoyable :)

  1. T. Roger Thomas said...:

    Practice is hilarious

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